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currently based in singapore, making photographs (almost) exclusively in film.

currently based in singapore, making photographs (almost) exclusively in film.

The Demon Within

        The duality of man. An exploration of the refractive nature we hold personalities against the light, a face we show the world and another we keep to our core. Could there be a time and space when they merge and the world blur to a continuance of screams, anguish and desperation?

        I was invited to photograph a band, Onryo while performing a private metal concert at the LaSalle University. The stage light was very dim, the kind that is appropriate for any metal stage show. Thing is, there is no flash photography allowed, and I was left to my own devices, which were the 56-year-old camera and film rolls of 800 ISO speed. To the uninitiated, it is impossible to get a good, sharp image at that level with the limitations faced.

        Coming up with an instant, contemporary concept on the spot was a task I was unwilling to back down. Exposing for the highlights, I had set the shutter to be 1/8th second long. For some images, I held the shutter for close to 2 seconds, resulting in the eerie trailing superimpose-like photographs. The stagehand had played the lighting in strobe mode, light colours alternating between reds, purples and greens in fast succession. The idea was to catch the energetic movements of the players on stage. I had loved the contrast between the alternating glows and fortunately caught the exposure for both the colours, resulting in an effect I would never have thought of before.

        A set of images like this is what my pretentious self would call Art, but I would call it simply an experiment. I found myself in an absolutely unfamiliar environment with mounting limitations (holding my breath to hold the heavy 135mm lens at f2.8) against me and still decided to go through with it. At the end of the day, I am thrilled to have not backed down in the face of such (small & few) adversity.

Photographed, edited and curated by LIVIATASLIM
Film developed and scanned by Whampoa Colour Centre
Special thanks to the band ONRYO, for letting me take photographs of them while on stage and during the jamming session

Camera        :
        Minolta SRT101
Lens              :
   — 58mm f1.4
   — 135mm f2.8

Film stock    :
   — KODAK Portra 800

Posted— 14 Feb 2022
    Last updated— 14 Feb 2022

Singapore, LIVIATASLIM as @subtly.manic