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currently based in singapore, making photographs (almost) exclusively in film.

currently based in singapore, making photographs (almost) exclusively in film.

PEDRO Valentine’s Day Collection BTS

        Having purchased the new 135mm f2.8, I had been remarkably eager to take the lens out for a ride. The stars were aligning in my favour, for a few days after I had come to the possession of the new best-for-portrait telephoto lens focal length, there was a photoshoot for PEDRO's Valentine's Day Capsule Campaign.

        Nicole (@nicxliew) and Douglas (@natsalgould) were my muse for a short 10-minute session, one that I sneaked in towards the end of the main photoshoot. I was very kindly given an expired roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 film from Ken Tay of Black Box Photography, which happens to be my very first roll of black and white film stock (thanks a bunch, Ken!). My heart was pounding in my ears, and my palms turned clammy from the anxiety of the film not rendering the picture or any at all. The film was expired in 2015!

        I had not shot these at box speed; the camera was set at ISO 200 (film friends, am I pulling or pushing by one stop? I could never get it right). The wardrobe was chic, the location was spot on, the makeup was beautiful, and of course, the sun was out. I felt very fortunate to have captured these fleeting moments passing between the couple.

        These images are currently featured on the official PEDRO website. You can read the article on
Photographed, edited and curated by LIVIATASLIM
Film developed and scanned by Whampoa Colour Centre
Models: Nicole Liew & Douglas Tan
Hair & Makeup Artist: Zoel T

Camera        :
        Minolta SRT101
Lens              : 
   — 58mm f1.4
   — 135mm f2.8
Film stock    :
   — KODAK Portra 400
   — KODAK Tri-X 40 (Expired 2015)
Posted— 14 Feb 2022
    Last updated— 14 Feb 2022

Singapore, LIVIATASLIM as @subtly.manic